Authorize.net CIM
This was a custom build for an osCommerce shopping cart. CIM allows customers to save their credit card information on a secure server, eliminating the need to re-enter on their next visit.
I wrote this program back in the late 1990’s in mostly C. The floating menus were written in Pascal, and some of the code was also written in assembly language.
WordPress ARB Form
This form sets up recurring payments.
Lunar Photography
This photo was taken using a 500mm lens. Taken with my Canon Rebel.
Stripe Payment Page
A payment page wired to Stripe, a major credit card processor.
Illustrator CD
I created this graphic in college using Adobe Illustrator.
Authorize.net DPM Page
This page was created for a contractor so his clients could pay him online. A convenience fee was added.
HTML5 Video
The original video file here was converted to HTML5, it also includes fall back Flash video for older browsers. Will play on any device, including mobile ones.
PayPal Pro Hybrid Form
This form allows customers to check out with either Authorize.net or PayPal Pro, without being redirected to PayPal.
Henry the Cat
This is a photo which was touched up and had a halftone pattern border added using Photoshop CS5.
Speech Flyer
InDesign flyer for speech class.